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KIDICTED™ is a mobile app for kids that uses gameplay and in-app inspiration to get them off their devices and into the real world. Kids find, complete and log real-world activities and are rewarded with points they can use to outfit and level up their virtual version of themselves.

Where can I buy KIDICTED?

KIDICTED™ is available for purchased through the Apple App Store as of October 15, 2019. You can find it here KIDICTED App Store We will be launching on Google Play for Android shortly. To learn more, recieve development updates and contribute to our design, sign up for our email updates.

Is KIDICTED suitable for my child?

KIDICTED™ is ideal for kids aged 5-11. The activity content and user experience is designed based on the following criteria:

  1. Can be explained in simple language and steps to a 7-9 year old
  2. “Safe” activities that children should be able to do without parent interaction
  3. Materials required should be found in almost all households
  4. Modifications for single player or indoor play when child is limited

Why do you need my child's information?

We ask you for information on your child to appropriately tailor the experience to them. By addressing them in the app by their real name helps to build engagement. Age may be used to analyze activities to ensure we continue to build age appropriate content. We do not share you or your child's information, all data is depersonalized and managed in aggregate. For more information on our privacy policy or data usage, please contact us at

Can I add my own activities?

At this time, KIDICTED™ will be creating all content for the app to ensure the activities are tested and meet our criteria. If you have a great activity to add or would like to become a content collaborator, please send us an email to for more information.

Who is Kidictive?

Kidictive Inc. are the creators of KIDICTED™. We are excited to use technology to help get kids 'addicted' to the real world around them. Kidictive was founded by Michelle Gorman and Laura McLaughlin in response to our parental concerns around the constant "battle” with our kids over screen time and how their ”addiction” was impacting their physical and mental health, dynamics in our home and social skills. It quickly became apparent that these concerns were not unique to us and were at the forefront of many parents thoughts.

How can I learn more... how can I help you learn more?

We love to share our story and our mission, almost as much as we love to hear your ideas. Although our product roadmap is hammered out, we don't want to miss out on an important parent or child experience that might make or break you trying out our product. Please send us a message on our website, post on our social media or email us at

When will KIDICTED be available?

The KIDICTED™ game is currently in development and we are expecting to launch in September 2019.

I heard there was a Kickstarter campaign. Tell me more...

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that helps creators bring their projects to life. The biggest hurdle for us to launch KIDCTED™ is building the app, it is expensive and takes time, even to get us to an MVP (minimum viable product - a techie term for the most basic version we can create to get users testing it). Most of our Kickstarter funds will go to getting the game to you as quickly as possible. We successfully funded our campaign in June 2019 and are busy completing the final components of the app with the funds.

I need more help!

Click here to drop us an email.

I can't/my child can't access their account.

Log into KIDICTED using your email address and password. You will then need to enter your parent PIN to reset you child's PASSCODE. If you need further help, please contact us at

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