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Making a Maker Box

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

There are a few things I know:

- My kids love doing crafts

- Pinterest can suck up hours of time (lol - I forget that I am looking for ideas for the kids)

- Trips to Michael's/Dollar Store/Walmart for craft supplies cost BIG $$'s

I have, at times, avoided doing crafts with my kids because it was just too much effort, too much cost and clean up! But I know what a huge opportunity I am taking away from my kids when I do.

Working in tech, we are constantly trying to challenge ourselves to be creative and innovative. And funny enough, some of the most effective innovation workshops and design sessions I have attended have included some kind of tactile 'making' to help expand our range of thought.

Our kids are naturally innovative and creative, I think our responsibility to them is to continue to feed the engine that inspires them. One simple way I have found to fuel their fire is to gather a Maker Box. What inspires them most is an empty table and a few instigators like scissors, tape, markers, etc. and then... materials.

Our simple inspiration box

In our house, our new Maker Box sits under a table that the kids can use at anytime. Okay - it may just look like my Recycling Bin but to my kids - it is a treasure trove.

Our kids can spend hours getting lost in creativity.

We encourage our kids to figure things out on their own, and we try not to intervene, except when they need a little help cutting and when paint is involved - I keep one eye on the disaster waiting to happen.

To create your own Maker Box, we created a list of things to inspire your own Maker.

Although we may still battle with clean up time and there is the challenge of what to do with all of the creations (we take photos and limit the 'on display' creations to 3 each), our kids creations have never failed to astound us.

From new clothing fashions and story dioramas to a vending machine (complete with toy prizes), our kids are exploring textures, experimenting with design and inventing new machines that only they could imagine. Here's a gallery of just a few of their designs:

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