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How we became Kidictive! (Our origin story)

It all started with a conversation while watching our girls do cartwheels after their last dance competition of the season.

Our daughters were the perfect duet pairing - two girls who loved to dance but also who couldn’t wait to finish their rehearsals so they could play on their iPads.

With school ending in a couple of weeks, Laura and I were chatting about how we were going to fight the battle with screens over the summer. Laura, with her three kids, downloaded a chart of activities - reading, play, crafts, chores - all things that needed to be done before going on the iPad. Even her four year old was interested in filling out his chart, following the example of his older brother and sister.

Unfortunately, as the summer passed, I didn’t follow Laura’s lead. Although I had figured out some techniques to distract the kids into real play, I knew that as September approached, I had to find an easier way to coax the kids out of the worlds of Minecraft and YouTube.

As former corporate leaders and now stay at home parents, once the kids were back in school, Laura and I both knew that we needed to find a new purpose to fulfill our need to be challenged. The issue was that we had a few too many conditions to make the answer easy. Neither of us were willing to dive back into 50+ hour weeks that, with commuting, would take us away from the daily moments with our kids. Both of us were also committed to continuing to give back through our volunteer work - Laura, as a women’s lacrosse ambassador and I, advocating for women in leadership and on boards.

We both knew that whatever we did needed to be something close to our hearts, be something that stretched our brains in new directions and gave us the flexibility to be there when our kids needed us. We also knew that the best ideas came from simple problems.

After a long coffee “meeting” trying to solve the world’s problems, we landed back on our current problem, how to make our kids’ time on their iPads productive and not battle with them when screen time was over. If only we could take the best out of what our kids loved about screen time and combined it with real world activities we thought were supportive of a healthy childhood.

Could we use technology to get kids addicted to the real world?

Light-bulb! We realized that we already had our problem and through that, we discovered our purpose. From that little spark, we became Kidictive and we haven’t looked back. We have been humbled as we navigate the startup world and challenged as we strive to stay true to our balanced business model. But, our mission will bring good and it is what we were meant to be doing, we can’t wait to find ways to help kids get addicted to the real world! Please help us by following us on our journey.

Michelle and Laura

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