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Kids love their devices. Whether they are satisfying their curiosity adventuring through worlds, being rewarded by unlocking new levels or simply being entertained by endless streams of YouTube videos, we can lose our children for hours in their virtual worlds... if we let them.

What if... we could tap into everything kids love about gaming and yet inspire them by bringing back some 'old school' play.

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Game Play

Our KIDICTED mobile gaming app uses technology to inspire kids to get 'addicted' to the real world around them. Through our own version of YouTube-style videos that our kids love so much, kids will find inspiration to PLAY, CREATE, IMAGINE, DISCOVER and CONNECT. Learn More


Kids begin their adventure within KIDICTED by creating their own uniquely styled avatar. Upon returning to KIDICTED, kids log the activities they have participated in and are digitally rewarded for engaging in the real world. The more real world activities the kids engage in, the more points they earn within the KIDICTED to create, outfit and level up their personalized avatar

What if...a mobile game could inspire real world play?


Each child is unique and driven by different interests and motivations. Finding the activity that unlocks your child's passion is at the heart of KIDICTED. Whether your child loves to jump and run, get lost in the magic of make-believe or is obsessed with how slime works, KIDICTED will have an activity to get them engaged.

And we don't stop there. With our goal to help you develop 'whole kids', KIDICTED Kids are prompted and rewarded for exploring new activities and try out new skills outside of their natural tendencies. Sample Activities

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