Kidictive Inc. launches KIDICTED™, the app that inspires kids to put down their devices and play in the real world

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Oakville, ON - October 15, 2019 - Like many parents, KIDICTED creators Michelle Gorman and Laura McLaughlin found themselves battling with their kids over their devices and were concerned about the impact that excessive screen time was having on their kids’ development and well-being.

They are not alone. According to Angus Reid1, 52% of 6-9 year olds spend over the recommended 2 hours a day on screens (22% spend over 4 hours) and 48% of parents are concerned (their kids) spend too much time on devices.

Michelle Gorman, CEO and Co-Founder shares, “Technology is an integral part of our kids’ lives and is here to stay, so we needed to find a way to work with it, rather than constantly fighting against it. This week, we launched KIDICTED™ an app that inspires kids to put down their devices and play in the real world, that way the screen time the kids do have is productive and guilt free2.”

“KIDICTED launches to inspire kids to put down

their devices and play in the real world”

By meeting kids where they already are, on their devices, KIDICTED™ nudges kids back into the real world using the gaming mechanisms they already know and love and encourages them to PLAY, CREATE, IMAGINE, DISCOVER and CONNECT.”

“We are receiving amazing feedback on KIDICTED. Parents have shared that, with the app, their kids have discovered KIDICTED activities like “build an obstacle course” and put down their devices to go off and play for hours, without parental intervention to take away the device or find activities for them to do,” says Laura McLaughlin, COO and Co-Founder.

With a mission to help parents build a tech balanced life for all kids, Kidictive’s first product KIDICTED™ is hitting the mark, as a solution that parents and kids both love, because it helps manage screen time and it is filled with fun, old-school activities for kids to do.

KIDICTED™ is available on the Apple App Store for download with the Google Play release coming in the next month.


About Kidictive Inc.

Kidictive Inc., creators of KIDICTED™ was founded by Michelle Gorman and Laura McLaughlin in September 2017 to help parents create a tech balanced life for their families. The KIDICTED™ App helps kids put down their devices by inspiring them to PLAY, CREATE, IMAGINE, DISCOVER and CONNECT.


Kidictive Inc. is a proud member of Haltech Regional Innovation Centre and resident business of TechPlace, Burlington Economic Development Corporation


  • Recipient of the OCE SmartStart Seed Fund Grant

  • Recipient of the Ontario Creates Concept Development Fund Grant

  • Winner of the Kids Technology Emerging Innovator, CNE Innovation Garage

  • Meet KIDICTED at Girls Expo Canada, October 20, 2019 International Center, Toronto

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Michelle Gorman,

CEO, Co-Founder